What’s got into my hair?!

Many clients come to us with questions about their hair when it’s just not going right!

When it’s limp, lifeless, dull, dry, falling out, itchy scalp. They know something is wrong, but just don’t know what it is!

Hair is fed from the bloodstream, so things like antibiotics, lack of water, dehydration and stress (which is immeasurable so people quickly disregard the toll stress can take on your body and hair)

Your hair is a major indication of what’s going on inside your body. If you change medication or take antibiotics, it can cause a few different problems, from lank lifeless locks to hair loss.

Low iron levels. When my clients have an issue with anemia, low iron in their blood, it can cause hair loss and extreme tiredness. I always recommend to have a blood test to check it and also to take a well woman multivitamin. When you take just an iron tablet you will also need vitamin C, this enables the body to absorb the iron. Also there are many other vitamins like the B’s, Zinc, magnesium that just by being stressed, can deplete our energy. So i always say, take a good multivitamin to give your whole body the goddies it’s lacking.this will give your energy levels and hair a fantastic boost!

When your immune system is low due to tiredness, illness, stress or diet (lack of constant fresh fruit and green vegetables)  Your hair is feed from the follicle in your scalp, which is fed by the blood stream. So what’s going on inside your body will effect your hair on the outside.

Dehydration, lack of water. Our bodies contain a minimum of 70% water. We need this liquid in our system to lubricate our entire body! Our organs, joints, skin. Drinking sugared tea with milk, processed juice’s and crazy amounts of coffee too keep us going through the day is just dehydrating us even more!

Angela recently read a book all about water! Your body’s many cry’s for water. By Dr Batmanghelidj. This book is amazing and it explained to us the crazy effects lack of water has on our body! With regards to hair it’s like our skin, it becomes dry, flaky dull and lifeless! Drinking more water is so important to the health and life of our body and hair.

Medication and antibiotics. Each time my clients come in, one question ask if i see something is odd, “Did you change or take extra medication?” I have seen examples of medications side effects, reducing hair by 50%! Obviously i’m not a doctor, so my main aim is to treat the side effects.

One of my go to products is Nioxin.

It is an advanced three part system to clean the scalp surface, increase blood circulation to the follicles of the hair and give a vitamin boost to the scalp. With medication sometimes the follicles get a shock, hence quickly noticeable hair loss. These follicles are not dead, so with the increased blood flow and vitamins feeding them, they quickly start to work again, bringing back new luvly hair!

Antibiotics are a massive shock to the system! They are strong and whilst their job is to kill off any viruses they also put a lot of stress on the body and extreme dehydration!  When my clients come in and tell me they have been so sick and needed to take antibiotics I know their hair is going to need a serious moisture kick, inside and out. (also check out our blog conditioners vs treatment masks, when your hair needs a serious moisture injection)

Stress. With our busy work lives, more and more pressure and targets put on us at work. Family and social life becoming more demanding and hectic, our stress levels are skyrocketing! We barely rest, and without this relaxation time it is impossible for our body’s to be at top performance. The problem with stress is you can’t see it, there is not gage or ranking for how stressed someone is. The only visible “show” for how stressed we are, is little unexpected reactions to things that normally don’t affect us, suddenly they do!

So if our clients come in and we can see they are stressed, either rushed or pushed for time, the key is to listen carefully and keep a close eye on them. I have had example of clients i have used the same colours for years and all of a sudden the same colour may irritate. When we are stressed we become super sensitive. Like our nerves are on the outside of our body’s and suddenly things that were not problems before, are.

As there is no measure, there is no cure but to rest! I advise our clients to slow down, breathe, take time for themselves, walk, eat fruits and vegetables and drink water!

Seems like flimsy advice but often the simplest things are overlooked because they seem too easy!

Healthy happy body and mind.

Be kind to yourself. As always each person is so different and needs to be looked at specially.

At aphrodite hair salon each consultation and time in the salon is personally tailored to YOUR specific needs. Not just a hair cut, right!? 😉 xxx

If you have any questions please give us a call. If this was helpful please share and comment, we love to hear from you xxx

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