I colour my hair myself!

Years ago… and actually, possibly still now, when you finished school and didn’t know what job you wanted to do because you weren’t very academic people would suggest “ah why don’t you just be a hairdresser?
You’re a creative type, and like being around and chatting to people..” you think about it and think ye! That will be cool, and so you agree!
The funny part is when you go to hairdressing college and they teach how to cut hair, it’s all about angles in relation to the head e.g. To cut layers, pull the hair out at a 90’ angle, parallel or sometimes perpendicular to the head…
and when you mix colours you need to understand ratios and oxygen levels and the lightening process with bleach. All of which is a combination of maths and science lol not as easy as they told us it would be!
Iv been hairdressing 13 years now, I know what I’m doing but I still wouldn’t colour my own hair lol but I know some people do, so I at least wanted to offer some help.
I recently went to the supermarket on my research jaunt to suss out what you would be faced with in the home hair colour department.
So that I could offer some explanation and give you…
Tips on what colour to pick from the shelf.
Tip 1. Don’t look at the pictures on the front of box! They are a ruff guide, not the exact colour in the bottle!
Tip 2. You must go by numbers. Usually on the front somewhere.
Hairdresser language we say,
1 is black upto 10 is light blonde.
They are levels of dark to light.
Then after the decimal point we have tones e.g. 9.3
9 is how light the colour is and .3 is gold tone (but each company. Wella, Swarchkopf, L’Oréal will use different numbers for each tone.)
Then Look at the oxygen level e.g. 6%, 20 vol or 9%, 30 vol Depending on how dark your natural hair colour is 6% to cover grey (i actually use 4% in the salon now, for better coverage and longer lasting colour) and for colours 1-7. Anything 8+ depending on your natural hair you will need 9% or higher.
Tip 3. Please use a bowl and tint brush and pretend to be a hairdresser. Take straight line sections and just colour the roots. Smudging it in is messy and you will over lap the colour, will lead to over processing.
Over processing means layers of colour in top of already coloured hair, over time this will damage the hair so your colour will be either too dark or porous or won’t last because the hair is damaged to the point it will grab the colour (go too dark at first) then after a few washes doesn’t have the strength to hold and you will end up with a colour you didn’t want, possibly brassy or just faded.
Tip 4. Never put the colour on all over your hair. Some people do this by accident or some people put it on “to freshen the colour” but actually the oxygen is too high. It will put the colour in the hair but will fade very quickly. To refresh the colour you need to use a lower % which will be 1.9%
Tip 5. If your hair is not the colour you want and you put a tint on it to lighten it, you will over process the hair and you will be lucky to achieve the colour you actually want. Pot luck.
Because colour won’t lighten colour, only bleach does that. This is level 3 colour correction, which I defo don’t recommend you do at home!
Tip 6. Colouring your hair at home by yourself I would say is only a good idea if it’s maintenance.
If you use the same colour every time and only touch up your roots.
If you want to change the colour, in the hairdressing world we call it colour correction and it is a science even some hairdressers have not mastered yet.
So honestly, a normal person has no chance!
Hairdresser will always tell you colour doesn’t lift colour, but ur not a hairdresser, you don’t know what that means!
A box colour will not lighten the colour already on your hair, only bleach will. I highly recommend Not bleaching your hair at home. You will most definitely damage your hair and scalp.
A little thought also, If you put your own colour on, you have probably missed out bits at the back (don’t worry it’s normal, because you don’t have arms that easily access the back of your head, unless they disjoint) also you don’t have eyes that see the back so all the patches at the back you missed you won’t see and possibly no one has the balls to tell you.
Tint up the sides in the shower grout (red heads) pink and purple hands, messed up towels and colour over your ears and down your neck all come with the home hairdressing territory.
I know we are all trying to save a bit of money sometimes, so what I do with some of my clients is, I’ll help a little, it’s not a nice job but I can’t let them walk round looking silly, it’s just against my religion. I will advise what colour is best to pick for maintenance and then they come in for regular haircuts and the occasional high lights or check up just to keep an eye on them.
No judgement here, this is all said with love just to help and support anyone who is interested, but we all know there is no better feeling than sitting in the hair salon and relaxing while your hairdresser works his/her magic to make you all sexy and fresh again!
Ahhh can’t beat it!
Hope this helped a little bit guys, let me know if you have any questions comment below and feel free to share… also if your hair is smashed from over colouring it yourself let us help you… check out our blog for more info to help you look after your hair at home www.aphroditehairpaphos.com or website www.haircarecyprus.com for all your home hair care products xxx
Loads of love
The sexy team at Aphrodite xxx


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