Me and Justin went for a coffee down the harbour the other day and straight away the waitress commented on my hair!
She was like, “ah your colour is great, I love it! I have also tried to have a colour like that but the hair salon that I went to bleached my hair and it was ruined!
They didn’t get the colour I wanted and my hair was totally damaged afterwards!
I didn’t say anything because I was so upset!
I paid so much money for it and then I had to go back to the supermarket and put a dark brown box dye over it!
Since then I just don’t believe hairdressers in Cyprus know what they are doing. I don’t trust any of them anymore! I was so angry I paid all that money for absolutely nothing!”

I totally understood because this lady is not alone!
Especially recently I keep having the same conversation with women who don’t know me or our salon and how we love that we are so different.

Our number one goal for all our clients is to give them exactly what they want!

They want to know:
how do I get rid of split ends without having to cut all their hair off?
Why do my ends keep splitting
Why isn’t my hair shinier?
How do I grow my hair longer, for it to grow all the way down past my nipples so I can walk around naked like lady cadaver, with gorgeous long shiney, silky hair that discreetly covers my private parts?
I want more hair and luscious volume.
Most importantly I want to know if I can change my colour without having to worry that after it will be damaged!?
what is the best things to do to stop the colour fading?
Why is my hair so greasy, is it normal that I have to wash it every day?
My hair is so dry and frizzy and nothing I use makes a difference!
My hair is driving me crazy, this humidity Is turning me into a giant frizz ball soon as I set foot out the door!
My hair is driving me crazy, full stop!
Why do I go to the hair salon and it looks great but then when I get home and try to do it myself it never looks the same!?
Why does my blonde hair keep going brassy?
I want ash blonde, cool beige sexy hair, why is it not happening!!???
Why can’t I find a hairdresser who listens to me?
Why won’t my hair grow?
Why is my hair falling out? Am I going bald!?
If my hair looked better I would feel more attractive. I’m sick of not being happy with my reflection in the mirror!
I’m bored with my hair, I want a fresh new look, but don’t know who to trust.
I want to look nice so my boyfriend/ husband will give me a compliment.
I want to look nice so I can get a boyfriend!
If I put coconut oil and avocado all over my hair will that make it better?
What does Jennifer Aniston use to make her hair look that good?
If I want good hair, is it going to cost me a fortune?
I don’t have the money to buy professional hair products!
I don’t have the time to get my hair done, my kids need…. work is too busy…

Does this sound familiar?
Are you feeling some of these things too?
Are you ready for our help?

Do you want to wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and be in love with what you see?
Do you want to walk out the door and get loads of compliments, even from strangers, because you look “that good!”
Do you want your husband, boyfriend, friends to tell you how your new look really suits you!
Do you want effortless beauty?

Your hair is your crowning glory. Get it right and you are flying!
And guess what! we can make it happen.

Our clients get the best advice specifically tailored to their own hair problems. And we help and give you all the solutions, so that you never ever have a bad hair day! Guaranteed!

Get the hair you love, Guaranteed, or your money back!

Yep I just said that!
This is the offer for you. If you want the hair you love, guaranteed or your money back, give me a call to arrange your consultation appointment and let us show you how we can and will make you even more beautiful!
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