This one is for the MEN

I’m always focusing on the ladies so today it’s all about you guys.

For men and women thinning hair is no joke but most men experience this before us women.

When I get my male clients in and they ask me about thinning hair I tell them…


Thinning hair in men can be caused by high testosterone levels.

So if you’re losing your hair its because ur just too manly!

Men under 35 should not be going bald. If your hair is thinning early your family might tell you it’s just genetics but there are a few things you can do to help it.


Watch out men who go to the gym a lot, sweat a lot and maybe take “supplements” aka steroids!


Top things for men to do to stop hair loss:

Good balanced Diet

Stress. Stress is immeasurable but be aware that it can harm you hairline.

Never go to bed with wax or hair gel in hair. This can block the follicles, weaken them and start early balding

Be aware of non water soluble hair wax. If you wash your hair and it’s still there, that’s not a good sign. Stop using it. It will cause balding.

After exercise always wash the sweat out of your hair, it’s acidic and can also weaken follicles.

If you don’t want to lose your hair, look after it. As men are more prone to losing hair as they get older it’s important to use peppermint based products. This will tingle and keep blood supply stimulated to the scalp.

Hair is fed from the follicle which fed by the blood stream. So if there is an imbalance in your blood it will show up in your hair.

Once circulation to the scalp starts to decrease the hair isn’t getting fed from the blood stream, that’s when it will start to thin.

So peppermint shampoo and conditioner and massaging conditioner into scalp daily inspiring the blood supply is a good habit to get into.

As we all know prevention is better than cure and if you don’t use it you’ll lose it. Just like other things we know you men are good at massaging, start massaging your head!;) xxx hahaha

Guys here are some products I would recommend for you.

One of my favourite products for hair loss is Nioxin. I have had amazing results with this kit. The only thing i will explain is, there are no quick fixes, I would say using this stuff is like going on a diet. You can go training at the gym and go macdonalds on the way home and expect to see changes. Likewise you can go the gym for a week and expect a perfect physique. These things take time and consistency. Your hair will grow 1cm per month. The first cm is under the scalp. The second month you will start to see tiny little new hairs coming and then the third month you will start to see loads of new baby hair. You will still need to continue the treatment because these follicles will be activated but not strong. So realistically you will need to use it for 5 months or more to see the change.but i would say anyone who is losing their hair, would agree it’s so worth it!

And if you would like any personal help or advice please pm me xxx 

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